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Time Domain Reflectometer
Riser Bond
The Model 1550 is a low cost waveform Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) designed for locating the distance to a cable fault in rugged, outside plant applications. A truly one-handed, ergonomic design provides the operator with an easy to use yet versatile TDR, Cable Fault Locator.

The unique modular test lead design provides quick and easy adaptation to a variety of industries and applications. The custom waterproof housing and easy access battery compartment makes the model 1550 the perfect troubleshooting tool for anytime, anywhere and any weather application.

The Model 1550 features multiple ranges, a large backlit LCD, adjustable instrument settings, and fingertip operation, locate opens, shorts, taps, splices, water corrosion and may other cable faults and conditions. The small size and low cost make the Model 1550 an ideal tool for all technicians, linepersons and construction personnel.