Envirosight, LLC.
Zoom pipe inspection began 15 years ago with QuickView, and Envirosight has just reinvented the concept with a revolutionary new QuickView model that vastly outperforms anything on the market. At the core of this new design is patented Haloptic technology, a targeting method we’ve devised that doubles inspection range, delivers up to 20 times more illumination, and eliminates the need for incremental realignment. However, Haloptic isn’t the only improvement:

  • The upLink™ pole-mounted viewer/recorder presents real-time footage on a 3.6” color LCD, and stores up to 16 GB of video and still images on a micro SD card. The screen undocks for wireless viewing/recording.

  • An auxiliary manhole camera with diffuse lighting captures wide-angle views with the flip of a switch.

  • A rugged, waterproof roller case with telescoping handle stows all system components in one convenient kit.

Now more than ever, QuickView is your choice for rapid, complete and cost-effective survey of underground infrastructure.

Trusted by more than 2000 users worldwide, the patented QuickView® zoom inspection camera evaluates pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding services, and to document completed work. Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues, avoid confined-space entry, and inspect hard-to-reach infrastructure. Departments of transportation use it to assess culvert and storm pipe condition with minimal exposure to traffic.