Mainline Cameras


HD Video Nozzle

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Envirosight, LLC.

  1. Cleaning Confirmation: Document whether cleaning was successful using before/after footage.

  2. Pipe Assessment: Identify offsets, collapses, infiltration and anything else needing maintenance—without dedicated CCTV.

  3. Understand Hazards: Identify collapses, protruding taps, root balls and anything else that could trap a nozzle.

  4. Problem Resolution: Determine source of problems on a call-out, and who is responsible (municipality or rate-payer).

  5. Cost Savings: Keep CCTV crew on-plan and have independent capability to instantly view pipe maintenance and structural conditions.

  6. Tool Selection: See whether a pipe is clogged with gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge, and pick the best nozzle.

  7. Safety: Confirm absence or presence of cross-bore electrical, water or gas, and preview pipe before mechanical root cutting.