Pipeline Integrity


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RD8200, replaces the RD8100. This is our most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver performance, quality and durability.  Containing a unique arrangement of 5 CLICK HERE
RD7200RD7200 replaces the RD7100. Accurately locating and marking buried assets ensures minimum downtime during repair or maintenance activities. It also prevents damage which can be costly for both CLICK HERE
Pipeline Current Mapper PCM+The PCM+ Kit is ideal for locating shorts, coating defects, or depth-of-cover on gas pipe. The powerful 150 Watt transmitter allows for long range signal detection up to 19 miles. This indirect CLICK HERE
Stray Current Mapper (SCM)The Stray Current Mapper (SCM) is a safe and cost-effective way of mapping the magnitude and direction of stray current interference on a pipeline. These are usually caused by third party CLICK HERE
SI50 and SI100 Smart InterrupterThe SI50 and SI100 are solid state interrupters for corrosion technicians. They feature advanced power management, high current switching capability, user programmability, circuit protection and CLICK HERE