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San Antonio South, Valley of TX
Salesman – Derek Dickens
Cell: 210-410-7589
Fax: 210-568-6451

Dallas East Metroplex – Northeast Texas
Salesman – Jimmy Fougerousse
Cell: 817-247-5039
Fax: 469-362-9112

Houston and Southeast Texas
Salesman – David Plummer
Cell: 713-542-9944
Fax: 713-568-2471

Fort Worth West Metroplex – West Texas
Salesman – Brandon Baker
Cell: 817-307-0808
Fax: 817-284-1107

Oklahoma and Arkansas
Salesman – Jason Crowe
Cell: 918-691-4360
Fax: 918-516-0563

Alabama, Florida Panhandle, and Northern Mississippi
Salesman – Jason Wiley
Cell: 205-565-9265
Fax: 205-278-8742

Louisiana and Southern Mississippi
Salesman – Donald Love
Cell: 225-281-8286
Fax: 225-612-6740

Florida less Panhandle
Salesman – Dan Kemper
Cell: 352-428-7582
Fax: 352-799-9779

New Mexico, El Paso, and Texas Panhandle
Salesman –  John Neely
Cell: 505-999-0753