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About The Company

For over thirty years, Green Equipment Company has built strong relationships by providing products and superior customer service serving the diverse needs of pipeline, municipal, directional drilling, power, electric, plumbing, tele-com, and cable tv industries.  We were established in 1978 and incorporated in 1982 as a Hands On Sales and Service Company that stands behind all products we sell.


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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Green Equipment Company is to provide state of the art products that are proven, and to offer product knowledge training on any product that we sell.  Service is where we excel and consider a sale never to be done as long as the customer is still using our products.  We have served the Industry for over 30 years with a combined total of 87 years experience in the field.  We strive due to our passion for excellence and innovative products, and pride ourselves on our reputation and relationships.


The Green Equipment Advantage

Green Equipment Company offers more than just the best products in the market. We take pride in stocking our products so we can make delivery at time of sale to get you in the field right away to enable you to collect on your investment.  Our product comes with the knowledge of leading Salesmen working in the field every day to solve your problems and provide you with a solution in the ever demanding underground world. Once you are a customer, we are a part of your tool box to help solve any problems you encounter from now on.